Hair Transplantation Turkey

Hair Transplantation Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is a surgical intervention generally preferred by individuals experiencing hair loss. Hair loss may occur due to various reasons such as genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress, malnutrition or health problems. This situation can cause aesthetic concerns and loss of self-confidence in both men and women. Hair transplantation offers an effective solution for those who want to overcome this problem and regain their natural hair appearance.

The hair transplant procedure is usually performed by a surgeon or hair transplant specialist. First, the individual’s hair and skin structure is evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan is determined. Hair transplantation involves transplanting healthy hair follicles taken from the nape area, usually called the donor area, to bald or sparse areas. This transplant procedure is carefully performed using microsurgical techniques, which helps achieve natural-looking results. Visit our website for all the details about hair transplantation Türkiye.

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