Lipo Cavitation

Lipo Cavitation

Lipo cavitation is a method based on the diffusion of ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the skin, sudden and high pressure changes in the cell fluid in the adipose tissue. It is a non-surgical method that fights regional lubrication and cellulite with the help of sound waves. The foaming that occurs with the cavitation application creates first expansion and then explosion. This effect called cavitation; It liquefies the oil and destroys the walls of the cells and disrupts the structure of the oils. The fat cells and the released fatty acids in this tissue are broken down and they are tried to be removed from them by means of the lymphatic pathways. In the cavitation application, a thinning of 2-10 cm can be seen in the first session, depending on the thickness of the oily area. You can visit our website for Cavi lipo reviews.

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