Outfits of Epic Proportions

Intricate textures, big chunky shoes and futuristic silhouettes were prevalent in the crowds at Paris Fashion Week, where Japanese labels like Comme des Garçons, Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto — all of which have long been favorites of the industry establishment — appeared to have infiltrated the wardrobes of many fans whose only view of the shows was from the streets.

It’s no wonder that Maison Margiela’s split-toe Tabi shoes have become so wildly popular: Japanese or Japanese-inspired pieces seem to be one of the clearest ways for both fashion novices and enthusiasts to signal that they are serious about clothes.

People’s experiments with asymmetrical layers and all manners of headwear brought to mind the often-uttered adage that fashion should be fun. And while many dialed up the whimsy when getting dressed, the diversity of outfits at Paris Fashion Week reflected another truism: With personal style, it is hard to go wrong.

More people should experiment with tucking in outerwear.

The lightness of the lace kerchief, left, and the pale fur played well against the heaviness of the coats.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

Styling the ribbon tie over the trench made it look more interesting.
Wrapping up those stripes was a neat little bow.
This ensemble demonstrated how versatile bows can be.
They were part Harajuku girl, part Vivienne Westwood.

As your eyes settle on the plaid, you may notice embellishments like a safety pin in the skirt and studs on the shoes.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

A colorful outfit with some dangerous accessories.
Hermès took the wet-look trend to another level by simulating a downpour as models walked the runway.
Fashion can be appreciated from many vantage points.
The hood recalled a black petunia flower.
A swinging skirt tempered the severity of the many straps.

Attire that couldn’t be further from jeans and a T-shirt, but was worn just as effortlessly.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

The range of Miu Miu’s latest collection was underscored by the age range of its runway models, including Ángela Molina, a Spanish actress in her 60s.
This Schiaparelli look had all the brilliance of an Oscar statuette.
This look on the runway at Undercover had the sparkle — and the tail — of a comet.
A fanciful pairing of a broad-shouldered jacket with a beehive hat.
A funky pairing of knotty braids and a blue trapper cap.

The jacket and pants had an enchanting flow.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

Victoria Beckham attending Paris Fashion Week with crutches demonstrated the Spice Girl’s understanding that, despite her injury, her label’s show had to go on.

A group of dark-suited ushers proffering goody bags as guests left the Dior show.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

Otherworldly clothes imbued with drama gave a theatrical feel to the Comme des Garçons runway.
An edgy hat with an attitude to match.
Thom Yorke of the bands Radiohead and the Smile has become a reliable fixture at the Undercover show, almost as if he were its opening act.
The dress was cool, and the boots even cooler.
Two excellent examples of how to wear a skirt over pants.
For drawing attention, few items are as bankable as gold shoes or a red dress.

This was one of many outfits on the street accessorized with pearls, another staple of Japanese style, which also turned up on runways like Miu Miu’s.CreditCredit…Recorded on Google Pixel

Every layer was sublime.
Twins with a singular style.
No look this season managed to encapsulate the frenzied excitement of the four weeks some call “fashion month” quite like this cosmic ensemble on the runway at Noir.

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